Vases with Tapestry – Lovestory

The stories about love have been a reproduced theme in every kind of art since the past. In applied art the topic of love (love magic) was most often depicted), but there were also motives of drama about unhappy love, loss or unfaithfulness. Currently the meaning of love is being underestimated and it is becoming a sentimental cliché.

Ceramic vases refer to traditional ceramics with a love theme, which was present in figural, plant and zoomorphic ornamentation. The emotional relationship is characterized by the touch of the lips of two vases in a minimalist design. There is a message at the bottom of each vase from the outside, which carries the idea of self-love and neighborly love.

Items of everyday use are wrapped in stories from various authors with individual messages, which the user can preserve.

Designed by

FURNICOOLTURE in 2021 (Dissertation, Faculty of arts, TUKE).