Measurement of space up to 50 m² – 40€
Measurement of space over 50 m² – 70€

The layout design serves to define the floor plan of the interior. The layout solution enhances the functionality of the interior, taking into account the client's requirements and needs.
- Drawing of the original state – 5€/m²
- Proposal of a new layout solution – 5€/m²

Preparation of architectural study, complete implementation project – professions, assessments, budgets, technical reports, demolition drawings, ceiling plans, etc.
- Price upon agreement

- Preparation of profession projects – electrical installation, lighting project, gas, statics, etc. – 4€ – 6€/m²

The most important and fundamental part of the project. The result is an author's design of proposed interiors in photorealistic visualizations.
- Proposal up to 50 m² – 30€/m²
- Proposal over 50 m² – 25€/m²

Detailed documentation of author's custom interior elements or technical solutions. The documentation includes clearly defined construction solutions, selection of materials, finishes, shades, textiles, fittings, etc. It serves for preparing a price offer and the actual implementation of elements by craftsmen.
– 10 €/m2

Detailed selection of all stand-alone furnishing elements not subject to custom production. Lighting elements, seating furniture, accessories, etc.
– 5 €/m2

For projects outside Košice, travel expenses will be charged. The price for one trip includes travel expenses including time to and from the construction site.
15€/hour + €0.5/km