Takka figure

Takka figure is a miniature without pretense. She is inspired by natural people and carries the idea of "the way I am". The figure has Slovak DNA because it encodes a national emblem, but it can find its living copy all over the globe.

The wooden figure is a funny portrait of its owner at home. The gender, appearance and clothing are chosen by the owner or by their family or friends. However, they do not find expensive managerial suits, white coats, or designer dresses among the clothes, but authentic tank tops, sweatpants, bathrobes and briefs. They can choose from various hairstyles, which are combined with a beard, mustache or stubble in a man's figure. Gentlemen who like to reveal their masculine hairs on the chest will also find such a model of the figure. Unrestrained women who do not hide their femininity will leave the figure as nature created them. Takka baby can also be a part of the women's figure. It simply slides on to the figure's belly.

Such a figure is not ashamed of glasses, original tattoos, headbands or skin marks because it is what it really is.


Why is Takka figure without a facial expression and in a black and white combination?

Because it also serves as a therapeutic aid for game therapy. It can treat people with various forms of mental health problems and help them live better lives. It has beneficial psychological effects, it creates pleasant feelings with impulses to self-acceptance.

Designed by

FURNICOOLTURE in 2021 (Dissertation, Faculty of arts, TUKE).